Friday, February 8, 2013

Crossfit Chronicles Week 1

I had a TON of views on my last Crossfit post from people who not only love the Paleo lifestyle but those CrossFit junkies that live for the muscle burn! Well I'd like to tell you that I'm joining up to CrossFit and getting whipped and burned in only 2 days a week :)

I'm currently in the February On-Ramp Program at Crossfit Peoria in the West Lake Shopping Center. Tuesday's class was definitely a lot different than the open house I attended last time but fun none the less. We learned how to do a dynamic pre-workout stretch that really got your muscles warmed up and lengthened before diving into air squats, kettle bells swings, and kipping swings. Needless to say the air squats were probably the most brutal since form was the biggest stress. My legs felt like noodles by the time I left but we did manage to "fit in" about 70 squats.

I was pleasantly surprised by the kettle bells and found that most of the muscles used for the swing were in my legs and core. My arms just pretty much held the kettle bell and held on for the ride up! If you haven't seen kettle bell swings before you HAVE to check this out! By the way this video is a little intense from what we did Tuesday but man this guy is just kettle bell crazy!!!
The kipping swings on the other hand were like a savior that I wish I had back in elementary school. Do you remember those physical fitness tests that we used to have to do? I believe I am scarred for life due to my pull-up or should I say lame pull-ups attempts back in the day. I distinctly remember being told that you just have to pull your body up and move your chin above the bar. That's it....that's all the instruction I ever received. I was never taught the importance of using your rhomboids (the muscles between the shoulder blades) to start the motion and then using your core to power you up the rest of the way. Well needless to say I felt like I was on top of the world after Tuesday's class because you guessed it I got real instructions on how to power up from the swing and turn it into a pull-up!! I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that my previous excuse of "I just don't have any upper body strength" will NOT stand anymore! I'm on the path to do my first pull-up and will be able to do a little dance jig and show Mr. Judkins that I am not a weakling!! (Yes I remember my gym teacher's name from Elementary school because like I said I was scarred for LIFE!)

After Tuesday's class I will admit that I was quite sore especially in the thighs and hip stabilizers from all those squats and I was having a hard time moving and sitting. I was really worried about the Thursday class because I could barely walk and I had no idea how I was going to do more squats. But turns out I didn't have to worry much because those dynamic exercises were perfect way to stretch out those sore muscles without having to hold a static stretch and suffer through the pain of prolonged contraction and stretching in opposing muscles. All in all a great class since we did have to review the drills from Tuesday (increased reps but not as repetitive as we only had to do a few cycles) and then learned some great forms that will come in handy when we are the buff gals and guys of Crossfit Peoria. In other words, I survived my second class on Thursday and thought I did quite well. We learned some barbell lifting techniques and proper form and then did some drills with V-sits and box jumps.

I'm still a bit sore today but no where near as sore as I was on Wednesdays and I know that those dynamic stretches will be the key in between classes. I am looking forward to next week!!