Monday, September 23, 2013

Roundup Pesticide Causing Harm to Cows and Our Health

Monsanto's Roundup pesticide, or glyphosate, has been known to cause harm to the environment, to our family's health, and now to dairy cows!

A recent study published in the Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology studied 30 dairy cows in Denmark and found that 100% of all cow urine samples showed cell toxicity, organ damage, and mineral depletion. They found that every cow involved in the study had some level of Roundup in their system and determined that Roundup consumption for these cows is toxic to their health.

So how did these cows get Roundup in their system? Roundup that is sprayed on crops will seep into the ground and bind to important minerals like cobalamin (B12) and manganese as well as being taken up into the plants roots. This means that the mineral content of our soil and crops will be depleted and the pesticide residing in the plant can be fed to humans and other animals that may act as a food source for people around the world. Typically dairy cows in the US get exposed to this from breathing air that is active with pesticide overspray, eating contaminated grass when out to pasture, and from their feed which is typically made from pesticide laden GMO crops. The Danish cows involved in the study however were fed with imported GMO crops from the US since Denmark does not allow farmers to grow GMO crops from Monsanto.

What does this mean for your family's health? Well let's look at the cycle.... Pesticides are being sprayed, soil quality declines, crops grown in this soil are deficient in essential nutrients, cows are getting chronic disease from pesticide exposure and mineral deficiency, and your family is consuming the tainted milk, mineral deficient crops, and eating beef from cow's ridden with chronic diseases.

Can you see where you can run into a problem here?? Well I've got some suggestions for you and your family to help avoid pesticides and improve your health.

1) Buy organic fruits and vegetables when possible or grow your own from organic seeds. Buying organic is a more expensive but the more you can decrease your family's exposure to toxic pesticides, the better able your body will be to detoxify and remove those chemicals from your body. Growing your own is definitely no walk in the park and it does take work to plant, tend, and harvest but the payoff is great because you'll know exactly what goes in to growing them and cooking them too! A great tip would be to team up with local family, friends, and neighbors to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables and trading or to join a local co-op to team up and grow fresh goodies at a discount price.

2) Find a local farm that upholds high standards in the treatment and food of their livestock. Check out Local Harvest to find a farm near you. I'd recommend finding an organic farm (that doesn't use pesticides on their crops/grass) that allows their livestock room to graze on grass and possibly even allow you to buy a bulk package of some type that includes cuts of chickens, beef, pork, etc. Some may even have fruits and vegetables shares for purchase too so you can get organic meats and greens!

3) Cleanse your body at least once a year. This can help your body get rid of the toxins and pesticides that have been stored in your body over the past year and allow your energy production, hormones, and metabolism to get back on track! I personally recommend the 10 day AlignLife Ultimate Body Cleanse. There is only one fasting day but the included supplements can get your insulin and blood sugar stable while correcting your gut and getting rid of cravings.

If you've never done a cleanse before I'd highly recommend attending an Ultimate Body Cleanse Workshop in our office which takes place on the second Monday of every month. We will discuss why you'd want to do a cleanse, what the benefits are, and what the Ultimate Body Cleanse entails!