Monday, March 17, 2014

Why Should Your Doctor Treat Back Pain Differently in Women?

They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so why do doctors treat their back pain Journal of Pain study release in January 2012, women reported pain levels that were 20% higher on average than men with almost every condition.
the same? Women and men visit the doctor at approximately the same rate when it comes to back pain however new research suggests that women feel pain more intensely than men do. In a

In addition, women’s gait pattern differs from men’s in the fact we swing our hips while walking to add a “sashay” to our walk while men’s hips primarily move up and down. This additional hip movement in women puts a higher demand on our joints and muscles which can cause more complex pain that is harder to treat. Back pain in women is more about the delicate balance of joint motion and muscle stability during motion which, when out of balance, can cause increased pain, muscle spasms, and sciatica (pain into the buttocks or leg). To make matters even more complex, women’s fluctuating hormone levels can also cause joint laxity and increased swelling in joints that aren’t moving properly.
At AlignLife, we customize our treatments to target your specific problem and we pride ourselves on educating you so that you can set health goals and partner with us to meet those goals. I am always excited to see the results of our integrative treatment and love when patients are able to return to an activity they have been missing. My goal is always to reduce your pain and get your body stable so you don’t have the same condition occurring over and over again.

When you have back pain, it can interfere not only with your work and recreational activities but it can affect your relationship with your kids and your husband as well. I’ve seen many women in my office who suffer with pain at work and then come home with such exhaustion from dealing with the chronic pain that they can’t play with their kids or even hold a conversation with their husband. This is no way to live!

I had a patient who was a mother of two and a stay at home mom who had such severe back pain she wasn’t able to pick up her 18 month old daughter or play with her 6 year old son. Her health goal was to not only get rid of her back pain but to play in the backyard with her kids. With a treatment combination of chiropractic care for pain relief, home exercises to strengthen muscles, and nutrition enhancement to improve healing, we were able to get her pain free in 2 weeks and playing soccer with her son in just 6 weeks!

If you’re suffering from back pain, even if it comes and goes, or dealing with pelvic floor issues such as pain during intercourse, incontinence, or even organ prolapse, then you need to call AlignLife to setup a consultation to find out what you can start doing today to get your body back in order.

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Andrea Schnowske, D.C. is a local chiropractor at AlignLife that specializes in family wellness with a specific interest in women. AlignLife is a chiropractic and natural health center that has been serving the community since 2007 and has locations in seven states. They are located at the corner of Glen Ave and Sheridan Rd in Peoria IL and are open six days a week including Saturdays.