Tuesday, September 23, 2014

An Autism Treatment You Haven't Tried

Autism is plaguing the children of our society today and interfering with school work, social relationships, family relationships, health, and even our children's self confidence. Traditional medical doctors may hold off on making a diagnosis of autism or even a mild autism spectrum disorder until a certain age has been reached even if your child is showing the signs of delayed development or processing disorders! This can be tragic because during development your child's brain can make 250,000 new nerve cells every minute which means that EACH MINUTE of delayed treatment can cost nerve cells and connections that can help to improve the children's symptoms and their entire development.

Autism and autism spectrum disorder are a group of complex brain development disorders are characterized by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors. Children suffering with these disorders may have an intellectual disability, motor coordination difficulty, attention difficulties, and even physical health issues such as sleeping disorders or gastrointestinal disturbances. Many of these children may excel in visual skills, music, math or art despite exhibiting signs of autism disorders. Autism appears to have roots in early brain development however the most obvious signs and symptoms of autism emerge between the ages of 2-3 years old.

Typical medical treatment for autism can involve behavioral treatments, medications, dietary restrictions, or both. It is not unusual to find autistic children today that are on multiple medication for several physical health issues as well as autism medication. A single medication can have serious side effects for our children, but in combination can cause other serious life threatening combinations and parental concerns for a "normal childhood". I have also seen highly restrictive diets in young children which is a huge concern for myself as a parent as well as a doctor who sees these children in my office because these diets can literally starve our children's bodies of essential nutrients during the time of highest need.

In my experience, I have found that with a combination of brain development assessment, home brain development exercises, nutritional guidance, and chiropractic care can yield great results for autistic children. If I am able to perform a consultation about your child's specific needs and developmental delays we can uncover multiple factors such as brain crossover communication issues, delayed synapse formation in specific brain regions, dietary and hormonal factors, and even birth trauma that may precede and contribute to their autistic symptoms. Brain development is a delicate process that begins to form based on sensory input from our environment, optimum nerve function, and proper nutrition to allow our brain and nerves to flourish. If any one of these factors is disturbed, we can begin to see symptoms of autism and developmental delays at ANY AGE. Finding the TRUE CAUSE of autism rather than just masking symptoms is way to truly manage and gain footholds in improving your child's overall health.

A recent study published in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research found that chiropractic care can help to reverse autism symptoms and other issues related to the autism spectrum. In this study a 3 year old girl with abnormal behavior and multiple autism diagnoses underwent chiropractic care for one month and experienced a complete resolution of headaches, acid reflux, vomiting, and sleep issues and significant improvements with calm and happier behavior, improved attitude, increased eye contact, increased focus and attention, and speech initiation. Her mother also reports that her daughter was also able to get off all of her medications and see improvements in occupational and speech therapy, academics, and communication. Here's the link to learn more.

If your child is suffering from autism, autism spectrum disorder, or other developmental delays I would advise you to visit a chiropractic office for a full examination and consultation to determine if there could be a neurologic factor contributing to their disorder. If you are close to an AlignLife office, a full integrated and comprehensive natural health center, I would strongly suggest you bring your child in for a free consultation to discuss how we might be able to help your child with their development and their overall health. Click on "Find a Clinic" to find a clinic near you.