Tuesday, March 10, 2015

7 Foods to Reduce Mucus During Allergy Season

Allergy season has sprung back to life! Want to reduce your symptoms without medication? Try out these 7 REAL foods with mucus fighting powers.

#1 Pineapple
Pineapple contains bromelain which reduces mucus and phlegm production and aids in allowing mucus to move through the sinuses and other areas of the body easier.

#2 Celery
Celery is a natural antioxidant that contains Vitamin A and beta-carotene plus a number of other vitamins and minerals. In addition, the lutein and zea-xanthin levels in celery are a powerful immune system booster.

#3 Papaya
Papaya contains an important enzyme called papain with anti-inflammatory properties and thins out mucus.

#4 Carrots
Carrots contain phyto-nutrients that are powerful immune system boosters. In addition, they contain silicon which help strengthen connective tissues and aid in calcium absorption.

#5 Radish
Radish contains enzymes that can literally dissolve mucus in our bodies and help fight allergies with anti inflammatory properties

#6 Garlic
Garlic also contains enzymes that can dissolve mucus in our bodies but this fighter is also a natural antibiotic that can be used not only in food but also in ear oils and sprays to help fight ear infections and sore throats.

#7 Apple Cider Vinegar
This powerhouse can not only fight mucus but can also alkalize your gut and boost your immune system. ACV can also help to thin and break up mucus making it easier to clear from the body. I'd recommend 1 tbsp with a full glass of water per day when you're having symptoms.

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