Thursday, July 16, 2015

Is the Government Taking Away Your Right to Informed Consent?

With all of the new bills regarding vaccine exemptions, mandated vaccine programs for child care workers, and threats of bioterrorism there is a lot of unrest and confussion for Americans that are concerned for their rights being violated. The SB 277 bill that is in process right now would take away your religious and philosophical right to exempt your child from vaccination. This bill would make it nearly impossible for your child to be exempt from a vaccine without a medical exemption from a medical doctor (MD) or osteopath (DO). These medical exemptions are granted based on a strict set of guidelines published by the CDC.  In addition, another bill proposed in California CA SB 792 will require all child care providers in public and private employment get vaccinated or they will deny employment.

I am a huge proponent of making an educated decision when it comes to your child and your families healthcare. You as a parent need to understand the benefits of the vaccine, the risks of the vaccine and vaccine injury, and you need to understand what the disease is and your families likelihood of contracting the disease. Once you understand these things you may find that vaccinating, not vaccinating, or delaying vaccination is the right choice for your family. The key is that is is the RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOUR FAMILY.

Your right to informed consent was established by the US Court Laws in 1957 and as a part of this right you Applebaum's book with a collaboration from a physician, lawyer, and social scientist, informed consent is obtained when the "treating healthcare provider discloses appropriate information to a competent patient so that the patient may make a voluntary choice whether to accept or refuse treatment".
have a legal and ethical right as a patient to direct what is happening to you or your family's body and your doctor has a ethical right to involve you in your healthcare. According to

Informed consent includes these things:

  • The nature of the decision/procedure
  • Reasonable alternatives to the procedure/intervention
  • Relevant risks, benefits, and uncertainties related to each alternative
  • Assessment of patient understanding
  • Acceptance of the intervention by the patient

If you or your child haven't received informed consent from your doctor before being given a medical procedure or vaccination, your rights have been violated. Your right includes reading the vaccine insert BEFORE you or your child is given a vaccine. If you haven't read a vaccine insert before or haven't received one after your child has been vaccinated, I highly recommend you do. Many vaccine inserts now include autism, seizures, paralysis, and death as a side effect of the vaccine. 

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