Thursday, September 3, 2015

Are Your Summer Sandals Wreaking Havoc??

Flip flops are ALL the rage this year and now even have fun saying and bottle openers on the bottom for an added layer of fun. Flats and slip on sandals seem like a necessity when the humidity and temperature soars like it is today with the 105 heat index... yes that's right 105!!!

But did you know the these types of footwear choices wreck havoc on your feet, your knees, and your low back? Repetitive usage of these shoes can even lead to health problems such as foot cramping, shin splits, knee injuries, plantar fasciitis, bunions, and even bone spurs!!

These types of shoes cause overuse of the muscles and ligaments of the feet from no support in addition to using muscle out of normal gait pattern sequences. Even if you're not experiencing foot pain, you may still be negatively contributing to your foot and joint health by training muscles to work improperly.

Tips for Better Summer Footwear:

  1. Get strappy. When you're looking for a summer shoe you want to make sure it stays on your foot without having to use your toes to grip. I'd recommend strappy sandals especially ones who have a strap around your ankle to keep them tethered on!
  2. Avoid wedges or rockers on your footwear. Sandals and shoes with rocker bottoms are worse than flip flops because they transfer the weight of your body to the forefoot which are NOT supposed to bear weight. This can lead to premature arthritis in the foot and cause unsightly bunions and hammer toes.
  3. Get supportive. Some brands are adding more arch support or padding to help reduce pressure on the joints of the feet. While this may be comfortable, don't be fooled into thinking its doing a perfect job. Due to our sedentary lifestyle, the muscles of our feet tire quickly and cause flat feet and arch collapse. The extra padding may only lessen a small portion of that collapse rather than preventing it altogether. So if you're still having pain in the feet, legs, or lower back after getting more supportive shoes you may need MORE help from a custom orthotic. We offer free foot screenings and can even provide a report showing you how much your arch drops, how much extra pressure this puts on your joints, and even how much energy your body is wasting muscles for that extra arch drop. 

Watch the video below for more information.

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