Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Are your skinny jeans a Fashion Faux Pas?

Fashion crazy and fads are not only costly to your bank account but in many instances can contribute or exacerbate health problems as well. I talked about how high heels can pose not only reinforcement of poor posture but can also lead to hip, knee, ankle, and even foot pain due to the alteration of angles in your normal body motion. Now there's another fashion fad that can lead to leg numbness... Skinny Jeans!
Those oh-so-fabulous looking jeans are in fact placing pressure on your lateral femoral cutaneous nerve and many women (and men as well!) are finding they are experiencing numbness or weird crawling sensations on the outside of the thighs as a result. In addition, there are other nerves that supply skin sensation throughout the legs and depending on how tight the jeans are being worn, these can also be affected! If you are having symptoms of leg numbness, especially on the outside of your thigh, you should talk to your doctor to determine if your skinny jeans are the culprit. However, if you have any addition symptoms of sharp shooting pain, weakness, or tingling as this may signal possibly suggest a pelvic imbalance or even a disc herniation/degenerative problem and you should speak with your doctor about determining the root cause of the condition.

Don't be a fashion victim! If you have any new symptoms or conditions start up recently or even a few weeks past starting a new fashion trend, talk to your doctor and make sure to mention any changes to your fashion trends at your appointment as well! This will ensure that you aren't getting any expensive and unnecessary tests if all you need is a simple wardrobe change.